Our espresso beans are hand-roasted in West London and have been blended specifically for Chamomile. We chose predominantly two 100% Arabica beans: Brazilian Santos for its earthy tones and light acidity; and Sumatran Blue Ling Tong for the richer, deeper notes and hint of cherry sweetness. We have used the expertise of our roasters and taken a great deal of time tasting and testing, to create a blend with all the rich, smooth flavour but none of the bitterness present in so many coffees.

Our coffee beans are delivered each week on the day of roasting to ensure we serve nothing but the freshest coffee.


We've opted for a well respected Conti espresso machine.  This basically means we can produce excellent quality coffee no matter how under pressure the machine is: from espresso to latte, the water temperature will remain stable (therefore not burning the coffee). We love it!

We chose the market leading Mazzer Super Jolly grinder. It has a patented stepless grinding mechanism which allows infinite grind adjustment and therefore maximum control for us over the quality and taste of our espresso.


All Chamomile staff are trained, experienced baristas. They are constantly in pursuit of making perfectly pulled espressos, and producing beautifully creamy, textured milk. With on-going training in Latte Art, we also strive to make every cup look as good as it tastes!