Catering for  buffets, lunches & dinners. Chamomile is available for private hire. Please call or email on info@chamomilecafe.co.uk            

Bread orders taken in advance.Call  0207586 4580 to place your fresh bread order by 11.00 am for next day - sourdough, rye, spelt, gluten free, wholemeal , tiger, honey & walnut, olive, dinner rolls etc .  We can also supply any of our cakes, Florentines, natas or eclairs on pre-order.  Please ask the team for further details.  Some products require 48 hours notice.   

Gift Vouchers for sale all year round!

(gf) Gluten free. If you have an allergy, please ask the staff for details of our recipes. We apologise for any inconvenience caused but occasionally changes are made to our menu based on the availability of fresh produce.

  7-13  July 2018


Chef's Special - Chicken Kiev with broccoli, parmezan orzo & tomato Salad                              Wild mushroom stroganoff(gf)                                                                                                            Roasted Courgettes with grated parmesan dressed with a touch of olive oil(gf)                          Farro Salad with tomatoes(gf)                                                                                                          Peppers,tomatoes and red onion salad with pesto dressing(gf)                                                                                           


Chef's Special - Duck breast Salad with spinach, mango & pommegranate with sesame oil (gf)                                                                                                                                                       Salmon & Haddock Fishcakes or Chicken Panne                                                                            Spiced Morrocan Carrot Salad with preserved lemon, coriander & Greek Yoghurt(gf)              Broccoli with roasted peppers with cimichurri dressing (gf)                                                          Little Gem, Goats Cheese & Cherry Tomato Salad with applce, celery and basil oil(gf)                         


Middle Eastern Chicken Thighs roasted with preserved lemons & cumin (gf)                            Healthy Coleslaw (gf)                                                                                                                    Harissa Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges(gf)                                                                               Gem lettuce with rocket, cucumber, artichokes and olives with a light olive oil dressing (gf)                                                                                  


Chef's Special - Salmon, peas, sundried tomatoes, capers & parmesan pasta bake                      Roasted aubergine with chilli & garlic (gf)                                                                                       French beans with garlic breadcrumbs                                                                                             Little Gem & Avocado Salad with toasted seeds, cucumber, tomatoes & a sweet lemon dressing (gf)                   


Chef's Special - Grilled Plaice Fillets with garlic butter, jersey royals and green salad (gf)         Spiced Cauliflower Fritters with herby yoghurt (gf)                                                                       Beetroot, Apple & parsley salad with balsamic dressing(gf)                                                            Maple Roasted Carrot Salad (gf)                                                                                               Roasted  Pepper Caesar Salad with avocado and black olives salad ad a light french dressing (gf)